Monday, December 29, 2008

Narwain Estel

Narwain Estel

My name is Rhîw an apt name
for days like this; endless
but not without daily cheer.
Although the air snaps so does
a warm hearth inside a bar.
In Taure-Ndaedelos

there by Enchanted River
I wait for ethuil
and the maiden bell flowers.
I wait to kiss the last brown
stalk before the anor wakes
Yavanna’s gifts to Arda.

The Elvish words I’ve used are Sindarin. Here is a glossary:

Narwain = January
Estel = Hope
Rhîw = winter
bar = home
Taure-Ndaedelos = Name given to Mirkwood Forest after the War of the Ring
ethuil = spring
anor = sun

@LM Gildersleeve

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