Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gollum Rap

OK so this is not exactly scholarly but hey, it's my blog and it's Tolkien related. Some time back I found this video and it was less ... polished. It appears the creators Ned Evett and Paul Teharr have worked on the appearance and now it rocks.


Gollum Rap (Towers are the players)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uruviel's Argonath Site

Uruviel's Argonath Site is created by a fan to give us some interesting references such as sound bites, fan and film images, music videos, characters and cast lists and much more from the New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings movies. It's an eclectic grouping of information and was thoroughly enjoyable to cruise through the many easily laid out pages.

For a stroll down memory lane I recommend Uruviel's Argonath Site.

Elvish Dialog List

The Elvish Dialog List is edited by Ryszard Derdzinski with the help of others. If you've ever wondered what the non-westernese speaking peoples of Middle-earth in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies this page is for you. Ryszard has taken the words spoken and to the best of his and his helps ability translated these words into English.

It's well done and easy to use. The Elvish Dialog List