Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Tolkien Society

Though there are many Tolkien Societies this one is the original started as an educational charity formed in 1969. In their own words:

The Tolkien Society is an international organisation registered in the U. K. as an educational charity, number 273809. Our aim is to encourage and further interest in the life and works of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien C.B.E., author of two of the most well-known and best-loved books of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. This site has information about JRR Tolkien (not, as often stated, JRR Tolkein), the books he wrote, his life, books others have written about him, our Society and its events, and a host of other items that you can find in the sections below. We also work with Tolkien Society Trading, which has a mail order list of books and many other items connected with Tolkien's works.

On their website you will find news of events, literature news, and articles on various topics related to Tolkien's work. You can also become a member of this society and receive many more amenities.

The Tolkien Society


Middle-earth is an open forum. MeJ, as it is known to its' members, is a site dedicated to Tolkien related discussions. The literature is the focus however, there is much to offer in the form of the arts, scholarly topics as well as members writings on Tolkien and their adventures to Tolkien events. There is also fun subjects to challenge your Middle-earth knowledge and occasionally contests too.

A few of it's other attributes are the Great Years Calendar, The Hobbit Calendar (still in progress)and The Tolkien Research Library.

A small Gallery of members artwork is also available to view.

I highly recommend this small but dedicated website called Middle-earth

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ardalambion is as far as I can find the best site to read, explain and understand all of Tolkien's created language. From Elvish (all forms), Khuzdul, Entish, Orkish and the Black Speech you will get a full explaination and much more of these languages.

You will also find three languages Tolkien created while a young lad and a huge (and I mean huge) list of reference links included.

Helge Kåre Fauskanger created this site out of love and you can read her explanation on this page. This much work deserves recognition.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Narwain Estel

Narwain Estel

My name is Rhîw an apt name
for days like this; endless
but not without daily cheer.
Although the air snaps so does
a warm hearth inside a bar.
In Taure-Ndaedelos

there by Enchanted River
I wait for ethuil
and the maiden bell flowers.
I wait to kiss the last brown
stalk before the anor wakes
Yavanna’s gifts to Arda.

The Elvish words I’ve used are Sindarin. Here is a glossary:

Narwain = January
Estel = Hope
Rhîw = winter
bar = home
Taure-Ndaedelos = Name given to Mirkwood Forest after the War of the Ring
ethuil = spring
anor = sun

@LM Gildersleeve

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Tolkien Library

This website is run by Pieter Collier a collector of Tolkien literature. Pieter not only collects books and the like he also keeps this wonderful site updated with the latest in Tolkien literature news. Whether it is for collecting references, interviews or the terrific links page, The Tolkien Library is the place to browse.

 Visit the library HERE.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sue Wookey

@Sue Wookey

Every so often you find art, really good art work that is from a budding artists just on the cusp of something great. Sue Wookey is just that golden nugget of discovery. I've known her for several years on-line and has just recently this year retired early to pursue her dream of becoming a paid artist.

For years she's been a J.R.R. Tolkien fan and now has taken her talent and transformed the tales we know into vibrant reality.

"Art is a strange thing. Anything can be a subject but only certain things will truly inspire you and draw out real creativity. For me, at the moment, there are several things that make me want to grab my paints: the mysterious prehistory of Britain, ancient multilayered symbols which seem to occur throughout the world (like the maze and the World Tree), and the works of JRR Tolkien."

Having illustrated one cover of the Tolkien Society's journal Amon Hen, another will be published with the above illustration in March 2009.

Her debut exhibition will be held at the Purple Poppy Gallery located in Ampthill, Bedford from June 18th till June 21st, 2009.

To see more of Sue's work visit her blog Gallery Hill Art or her website of the same name Gallery Hill Art.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Hunt for Gollum

The Hunt for Gollum

This is one of two independent films in the works due on line in 2009. There are trailers to view as well as stills. You can watch the progression of the project and join their guest book too.

I think it looks promising and for those of us who crave Middle-earth in film, this could be something special.

To watch the clip go here for The Hunt for Gollum.

Changes for this blog


As you regulars can see there have been changes in the format of this blog. Due to time constraints I can no longer keep up with current events (at the rate I was doing) in the art and literature world. Besides, who wants to read the news twice!

Instead, I wanted to collect articles, sites, art and literature information on all things (or give it a good try) Tolkien. Realizing there is a new movie rendition of The Hobbit in the works, I'll let the experts (The One keep up with that news.

So, I am anxious to get going and have added several new posts.

Bilbo and his friends set out

Sung to the tune 'Good King Wenceslas'

Bilbo and his friends set out
Mirkwood gladly leaving;
Travelled for a month about,
Their way homeward weaving.
Brightly shone the moon one night,
‘twas the eve of Yule.
Bilbo disappeared from sight
Gath’ring winter fuel.

“Hither, Beorn, stand by me,
If thou know’st it, telling
Yonder hobbit, where is he?
Is he trees a-felling?”
“Gandalf, he has vanished hence
(Wizardry discounting).
Has he lost his hobbit-sense
Since the Lonely Mountain?”

“Bring your staff and I’ll bring mine
To the forest thither!
Foolish Bilbo shall we find
And we’ll bring him hither!”
Beorn and Gandalf, forth they went,
Forth they went together.
Fruitless hours in search they spent
In the bitter weather.

Then came faint cries: “Help me now!
You are both much stronger!
I am caught, I know not how,
I can shout no longer!”
Right into a a trapper’s cage
Bilbo had trod boldly!
Rescuers forgot their rage,
Bilbo shivered coldly.

Weary back to camp they trod,
Soon the firelight glinted.
Safe and warm, began to nod;
“Rest now!” Gandalf hinted,
“You are none the worse for your
Episode distressing.
We‘ll keep watch o‘er you for sure -
And we’ll count our blessings!”


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anke Eissman

@Anke Eissmann

Every so often I come across artists sites that gets me excited about art all over again. Although I've known about this artist for sometime I find when I rediscover her work it's like, well Christmas.

She's an illustrator and graphic designer. Her medium is primarily watercolors. I find her paintings both tranquil and soft even when illustrating the most serious of topics.

If you enjoy fantasy art especially Tolkien take a look and judge for yourself.

Anke Eissmann

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the spirit

lm gildersleeve

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Making merry in Bree

There is an inn, a merry old inn
beneath an old grey hill,
And there they brew a beer so brown
That the Man in the Moon himself came down
one night to drink his fill.

The ostler has a tipsy cat
that plays a five-stringed fiddle;
And up and down he runs his bow,
Now squeaking high, now purring low,
now sawing in the middle.

The landlord keeps a little dog
that is mighty fond of jokes;
When there’s good cheer among the guests,
He cocks an ear at all the jests
and laughs until he chokes.

They also keep a horned cow
as proud as any queen;
But music turns her head like ale,
And makes her wave her tufted tail
and dance upon the green.

And O! the rows of silver dishes
and the store of silver spoons!
For Sunday there’s a special pair,
And they polish up with care
on Saturday afternoon.

The Man in the Moon was drinking deep,
and the cat began to wail;
A dish and spoon on the table danced,
The cow in the garden madly pranced,
and the little dog chased his tail.

The Man in the Moon took another mug,
and them rolled beneath his chair;
And there he dozed and dreamed of ale,
Till in the sky the stars were pale,
and dawn was in the air.

Then the ostler said to his tipsy cat:
‘The white horses of the Moon,
They neigh and champ their silver bits;
But their master’s been and drowned his wits,
and the Sun’ll be rising soon!’

So the cat on his fiddle played hey-diddle-diddle,
a jig that would wake the dead:
He squeaked and sawed and quickened the tune,
While the landlord shook the Man in the Moon:
‘It’s after three!’ he said.

They rolled the Man slowly up the hill
and bundled him into the Moon,
While his horses galloped up in rear,
And the cow came capering like a deer,
and a dish ran up with the spoon.

Now quicker the fiddle went deedle-dum-diddle;
the dog began to roar,
The cow and the horses stood on their heads;
The guests all bounded from their beds
and danced upon the floor.

With a ping and a pong the fiddle-strings broke!
the cow jumped over the Moon,
And the little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the Saturday dish went off at a run
with the silver Sunday spoon.

The round Moon rolled behinds the hill,
as the Sun raised up her head.
She hardly believed her fiery eyes;
For though it was day, to her surprise
they all went back to bed!

~J.R.R. Tolkien

Sung by Frodo in the Prancing Pony.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Professor!

Today is the Professor's eleventy-sixth birthday. I raise my glass in thanks. For leaving on that road I never knew where it would take me. It has been a lovely ride for sure.

"I wish life was not so short," he thought. "Languages take such a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about."

J.R.R. Tolkien The Lost Road