Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dunedain

The is an interesting place. The first page consists of news with topics ranging from WETA Workshops to gaming. There is also The Dunedain Radio with podcasts featuring gaming, music and more for subject matter. There are also password protected areas for members only. In the Great Hall you'll find more podcasts as well as videos, books and media for LoTR fans including gaming and small budget movies (Hunt for Gollum & Born of Hope). Much of this material is for gaming and as I've mentioned in The Goal link above, I know little about. There is however, a music list of bands who have themes of Middle-earth and this is something very cool. What you won't find is anything to do with New Lines, Peter Jackson's LoTR series. That is what sets this site apart from most. Take a peak, you just may find something of interest there for you.

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Mark said...

Just found your article. Thank you for the kind review. We're actually getting ready to launch the radio soon and will be featuring alot of 'Tolkiencentric' content. You have a great site! Thanks for your work and efforts!

mark aka Maerch The