Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cor Blok

I have been meaning to create an entry for artist Cor Blok for quite some time. His 2011 calendar from Harper Row prompted me to get to it. His style is decidedly different than anything the average Tolkien fan has ever seen however, he is painted his infamous paints. This Dutch retired art history teacher painted over 100 paintings for The Lord of the Rings.

"His idea was a sort of Bayeux tapestry, including artificial aging. Painted on two pieces of rice paper, which were stuck together while wet.  His work is well-known in Holland for three of his paintings were on the first Dutch paperback edition of the Dutch translation of The Lord of the Rings, and were on the covers from 1965 to 1979."
Just recently Cor did an interview while the calendar was in production. You can find it at Tolkien, The Official Online Bookstore in it's entirety. What has made his work last 50 years is the fact that Tolkien himself also loved his work. Now we know how picky Tolkien was and to find out the Dutch artist's abstract interpretations took Tolkien's heart is saying something. Take a look at that interview and you'll find an interesting man.

Riddles in the Dark

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