Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rabbit Ridge Art

@Phyllis Berka
Lothlorien and dream of fair Nimrodel

Rabbit Ridge Art is the creation of Phyllis Berka. Phyllis works with watercolors and is an exhibiting member of the Mountainside Art Guild located in Lakewood, CO.

Her work is always evolving but the themes are always the same. Tolkien is her inspiration and as you will see the unique eye for detail is prevalent and makes lovely paintings.

Since my youth, I have dabbled in the arts and take my inspiration from both the things that I see around me, and the visions created by the prose and poetry on the printed page. All of the original art that you see here at Rabbit Ridge Art is mixed medium, rooted in watercolor, and detailed by colored pen and ink.

This artist is one to watch and follow her through the pages of Tolkien's world.

Rabbit Ridge Art

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